Create the crush with a beautiful home, and stop losing time and money trying to sell or rent it.


Showing the future buyers or renters a blank canvas where they can see themselves is essential. If they are overwhelmed by personal pictures and items, they won’t be able to project themselves in the place.
But if the space is neutral and inviting, it will be easy for your buyers / renters to see themselves in your property.


Home staging is the preparation of your house or apartment for sale or rental thanks to interior design.

The real estate market, both for rental and sale, is complicated, and potential buyers or renters are inundated with offers.
The idea behind home staging is to SEPARATE your house or apartment from the thousands available on the market, applying 3 simple principles:

What is home staging?


It’s crucial to show a clean and decluttered space to the buyers or renters.
First because a cluttered space will appear smaller and we really need to avoid that!
Then because you don’t want to give the client the impression of a house lacking of storage.
And finally because, as for the depersonalizing part, you want the buyers / renters to see themselves in your home.
And it will be way easier in a decluttered and tidy home!

creating the crush

Finally, you want to separate yourself from the crowd. Whether it’s on Airbnb or Zillow, you want your home to catch the attention of potential clients and make them forget about the other offers.
To create this crush, you need to have a beautiful decoration, something that will catch the eye of your clients.

"Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market, it is a must!"


The home stager is here to help you prepare your home for sale or rental.
But both processes are slightly different.

How does it work?

When you are looking to sell your home, you want to avoid to spend too much on furniture and accessories as you will not reuse them later.
The idea is to reuse a maximum of your personal items whenever it’s possible.

I will work with you to list all your furniture and accessories and identify which ones to keep and which ones to store during the process.

Then, I will prepare a shopping list of the items to add, to really finish your home decor and present a beautiful and inviting space to the future buyers.

I will also create 3D renderings of your future decor, so you’ll be able to see before purchasing anything how your home will look after the process.
You’ll just have to purchase the furniture and accessories on the shopping list and install everything following the guidelines I’ll send you!

When you are looking to rent your property, things are slightly different. 
Investing in furniture and accessories can be a great way to create a lovely furnished interior that will catch the attention on Airbnb.

We will still start together by identifying your current selection of furniture and accessories, and see if we can reuse some of them.

Then, I’ll create the rest of the selection for you, based on your budget.

The idea will be to conceive a cohesive and beautiful decoration that will please the majority of renters.

I will draw everything in 3D so you’ll have a great look at the future decor of your property, and you’ll just have to purchase the furniture and accessories on the shopping list and install everything following the guidelines I’ll send you!



The common point between both processes is that, in the end,
you will get a space ready for sale or rental


Frequently asked questions

Is home staging worth the cost?

Is home staging worth the cost?

Let me answer you with some data:
82% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home (National Association of Realtors)
A professionally staged home spends 73% less time on the market compared to those without staging. (Professional Staging)
Staged homes on the market sold for 25% more than homes without staging. (Realtor Magazine)

Totally worth it, right?

How much does staging cost in NYC?

How much does staging cost in NYC?

You can find all sort of prices when hiring a home stager in NYC, so let’s talk about Design by Anaïs.
I have 2 different offers:

Full-room design
You have an empty room and you need me from A to Z.
The cost is 990$ for a one-function room (like a dining room or a bedroom), and 1190$ for a multi-function room (living/dining room or bedroom with an office space)

Custom project 
When the full-room design is not adapted (smaller project, trip included, important renovations…)
In that case, we work by the hour. My hourly rate is 120$, and after asking you a few questions, I give you an estimated timing for the project.
For example, a bedroom where you only need accessories (wall art, rug and table lamps) will be approximately 4-5 hours (480-600$).

What does home staging include?

What does home staging include?

Home staging is the preparation of your propert for sale or rental.

It includes:
- optimization of the layout
- selection of furniture + accessories to style the room
- selection of wall treatment (paint or wallpaper) if needed

In the end, you receive:
- A detailed shopping list of all items to purchase
- 3D renderings of the room(s) so you’ll see exactly what your home will look like in the end
- All installation guidelines you could need to style your selection once it gets delivered

Can an interior designer save me money ?

Can an interior designer save me money ?

Of course!

Your interior designer will select items that you’ll love and that will fit your aesthetic. No more purchasing items and ending up changing them 2 months later
+ Your interior designer will select furniture and accessories that will actually fit in your home. No more purchasing items that, once get delivered, are way too big/small for the space
+ Your interior designer will create your home in 3D and will show you exactly how your interior will look, before placing any order. No more being disappointed IRL once you put everything together

See how much money you already saved? And that, of course, doesn’t include the time you won’t have to spend on this project yourself by trusting a professional with your project!




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Is it for me?

It is for you if you are looking to sell or rent your property and don’t want to lose time or money during the process.

Thanks to home staging, we will separate your home from the rest of the offers, and you’ll be able to rent or sell your property in a short delay, and at the price you expected.


Why work with Design by Anaïs?

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in real estate and interior design, I have a perfect knowledge of the real estate market and how to make your property stand out from the crowd.

My packages are affordable, flexible, and 100% remote so we can work together from all over the US.
Wherever your are in the US, I’m a home staging expert near you!

I create the decor for you, and you just have to install everything once it gets delivered.
By working with me, you’ll be sure to sell or rent your property quickly, without losing money!

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What our clients say

"We were looking to add warmth & coziness to our living room. But we 2 young children, 2 cats and a puppy, we didn't know how to fit everything without a cluttered effect.
Anaïs assisted us with this project, even knowing that we couldn't change all our furniture given our budget.
But Anaïs did it perfectly.
She understood perfectly our expectations and thought about every little detail to transform our living room and add tons of light!
Thank you Anaïs!"