A Brooklyn interior designer

Being an interior designer in Brooklyn, New York, has been my lifelong dream.
I took some detours in my career, but here I am today, designing your Brooklyn home.

Facing the same challenges as every Brooklynite, I created affordable and custom-made packs for you.
When you choose Design by Anaïs, you receive personal decoration advice, adapted to your expectations, your budget, your design dreams...  

"Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way"

Sharing my love of interior design with you, creating beautiful decors so you can feel at home in the amazing neighborhood that is Brooklyn is my everyday mission.

Whether you are looking to completely renovate your Brooklyn home, to find the perfect accessories to style your living room, to determine the layout of your bedroom or to select furniture for your space, Design by Anaïs is here to help you.

Take advantage of the expertise of a Brooklyn interior designer, and let me decorate your home, for a stunning result, in a few days only!

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I'm particularly aware of the challenge to decorate a home while renting it.
70% of Brooklynites are renting. But that shouldn't be an obstacle to enjoy your apartment!
I've been a renter myself for years now, and I always found a way to style my rental in a beautiful way, and get my security deposit back at the end of my lease!
That's why I developed tons of renter-friendly decoration tips.

Your home is your shelter, that's how essential it is

I lived on 3 continents, I moved around 30 times in my life, I'm particularly aware of this challenge.
Design by Anaïs will help you feel at home in Brooklyn, even if you come from far away, and need to move very often!

a majority of renters

A majority of Brooklynites weren't born and raised here. Having to move often, coming from another part of the country, or the world, that's a challenge I had to face too.
That's why designing your home is so crucial: you need to feel at home wherever you are, even thousand miles from your friends and family.

broOklynites from all over the world

I always felt close to the Brooklynites. The love for art, the street culture, the mix of people ...
I love creating beautiful home designs for them. 
Designing for people I identify myself with is the best way to be the best interior designer in Brooklyn!

I live in Brooklyn (in Williamsburg, on Bedford avenue), I face the same challenges you do on a daily basis. That's why Design by Anais is the perfect choice to help you with the decoration of your Brooklyn apartment!

Designing for people I love: the secret of being the best interior designer in Brooklyn




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"Brooklyn's good. Brooklyn's funky. Brooklyn's happening."

Waris Dirie

The dream for an interior designer? Amazing homes!
Brooklyn is a condensed of brownstones, prewar and luxury building, all mixed in such a unique way.

But all of these homes share a common challenge... a small surface!
Decorating a small apartment can be overwhelming.
You need to be extremely precise in your home decor, to create a gorgeous result in only a few square feet.
That's why calling an interior designer is essential when you live in a smaller home.

Adding character to a new development, renovating an older apartment, emphasizing light in a darker space, taking advantage of your smaller space, decorating your rental... I can help you transform your home in only a few days, starting at 950$ only!

Amazing Brooklyn homes

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer in NYC?

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer in NYC?

You can find all sort of prices when hiring an interior designer, so let’s talk about Design by Anaïs.
I have 2 different offers:

Home Design Magic
If you need a full-room design:
- Either you have a one-function room (like a bedroom or a dining room): it’s a 1700$ fee for the whole room
- Or you have a multi-function room (like a living room that also includes the dining room, or a bedroom that also serves as a WFH office): it’s a 1500$ for the whole room

If you don't need a full-room design, or your project is smaller (corner of a room only, accessories only, small room like a bathroom renovations): the price is 950$ for the whole project

Custom project:
Usually we pick this option when the full-room design is not adapted (smaller project, trip included, important renovations…)
In that case, we create a package just for you. After asking you a few questions, I give you an estimated pricing for the project.

Can an interior designer save me money?

Can an interior designer save me money?

Of course!
Your interior designer will select items that you’ll love and that will fit your aesthetic. No more purchasing items and ending up changing them 2 months later
+ Your interior designer will select furniture and accessories that will actually fit in your home. No more purchasing items that, once get delivered, are way too big/small for the space
+ Your interior designer will create your home in 3D and will show you exactly how your interior will look, before placing any order. No more being disappointed IRL once you put everything together

See how much money you already saved?
And that, of course, doesn’t include the time you won’t have to spend on this project yourself by trusting a professional with your project!

Do interior designers choose furniture?

Do interior designers choose furniture?

If you need me to, absolutely!

When working on a full-room design, I select furniture, accessories (rugs, lighting, wall art, decorative items…) but also wall treatment (paint or wallpaper), and sometimes finishes (cabinets, floors…) depending on the project.

But we can also reuse the furniture you currently have. That’s always an option.
In that case, I focus on the accessories selection, to tie your interior together and create a beautiful vibe, without changing the furniture.

What are you paying for when you hire an interior designer?

What are you paying for when you hire an interior designer?

When working with an interior designer, you obviously pay for the service they will deliver (generally building your selection of finishes, furniture and accessories). 

But you also pay for a professional eye that will be able to create this amazing selection for you.

When working with Design by Anaïs in particular, you pay for my experience, the personalization of the project (I will always place YOU at the center of the process, and create something YOU will love) and the quick turnarounds (usually one week max).

My offers include full-room designs (from wall treatment to decorative items), layout consultation, paint color consultation, live coaching, accessories selection and tons of other options!

The best neighborhoods
in the world

I love living and working in such a diverse and vibing area!

Did you know that if Brooklyn was a city, it would be the 4th most populous country in the United States?

Williamsburg, Greenpoint, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Bushwick, Carroll's Garden, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene... are all neighborhoods that I love, and where I love designing homes for you!

Being able to find different vibes, different apartments, different people in the same borough is an everyday blessing.

I work in all Brooklyn, to create the perfect home for you!

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What our clients say

"We were looking to add warmth & coziness to our living room. But we 2 young children, 2 cats and a puppy, we didn't know how to fit everything without a cluttered effect.
Anaïs assisted us with this project, even knowing that we couldn't change all our furniture given our budget.
But Anaïs did it perfectly.
She understood perfectly our expectations and thought about every little detail to transform our living room and add tons of light!
Thank you Anaïs!"