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Hi, I’m Anaïs, and I’m a French interior designer living in Brooklyn, NY.
But I’m not only designing for the NY state area.
I’m actually decorating homes all over the US!
I’ve worked in California, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Texas, The Bahamas, and obviously, New York City!

And if I’m able today to offer interior design services all over the US, it’s because of E-DESIGN.

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E-design is for you as long as you have an internet connection!
If you are comfortable using Facetime/Zoom/Google Meets… and sending emails, you have everything you need to work with an e-designer!

E-design is an interior design service that is performed 100% remotely.
Unlike traditional services, with e-design, the designer doesn’t need to come to your house or apartment to decorate it.
How is that possible?
Thanks to the technology of course!

It’s now super easy to meet virtually to talk about your project and your home.
You can also easily send us pictures, videos, measurements, and inspiration, so we don’t need to visit the space to have a precise understanding of its challenges and potential.

What is edesign?

Is edesign for me?

Wherever you live in the US, as a virtual interior designer,

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Why should I choose edesign?

You can pick a designer based on a style instead
of a location

Virtual interior design has totally transformed the design world.
Now you don’t have to pick a designer close to you. You can pick your FAVORITE interior designer.

I always advise selecting your interior designer based on his/her style. Check his/her work on social media or his/her website and see if you like it before taking the next step.
There is nothing worse than having to work with someone ONLY because he/she is close to you, not because you like his/her work, right?

E-design makes this problem disappear!

You can now fall in love with a decorator’s work on social media and hire them, even if you live on the opposite coast

E-design will allow you to pick a designer you love, and enjoy lower prices and faster turnarounds, without bothering you in your home.
That’s the dream, right?


Why edesign?

You don't need to welcome someone to your home or to dedicate time to it.
Fill out the questionnaire and leave the hard work to me!

Easier process

E-design means less time spent on trips to your home, and more on your design.
Which allows me to create your design faster!

Faster results

Less time spent on the project = more money for you!
As I don't have to dedicate time for the trips, my packages are way more affordable!

Lower prices

Let me share our process with you.

We often try to do a video call. This way we can meet IRL-ish, and you have the possibility to show me your place.
During this call, we chat about you, your family, your home, the challenges you are facing and what you are dreaming of for your space.

After the call, I send you a link to a detailed questionnaire (that should take around 15-20 minutes to fill out) where I will learn even more about you and your project.
I will also ask you to send me a few things to be ready for the project:
- Photos/videos of the space
- A floorplan of the room with detailed measurement (don’t worry, I will drive you for this step)
- Inspiration (a Pinterest board, Instagram accounts you love, saved pictures on your phone…)

Once I have everything, you are done! I won’t need anything else from you.
Of course, we can always chat, and I will let you know if I have an additional question.
But most of the time, this is way enough for me to create the beautiful home you deserve.

How does it work?

First, we start with a call

AFTER, it’s time for you to send me some info




Have some questions
Contact me


Based on all this, I will work on my 3D software to create your interior virtually.

First, I start by the layout. I play around on the software with “random” furniture and accessories to see what would work best for you.
This is an essential step as it will be the foundation of the rest of the process.
Based on this layout step, I will know exactly what to source for you.

The second step is to create your selection (wall treatment, furniture, accessories, light fixtures, window treatment…)

And the final step is to create this selection in 3D so you will see exactly how your room will look like after purchasing everything.
Once your selection and your 3D designs are ready, I send you everything.

All of this happens in only a few days.
And once you receive your result, you just have to add the selection to your cart and purchase everything!




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"Anaïs has been so amazing to work with!
She's designed three of the rooms in our house and they've all turned out fantastic.
She makes the entire design process SO easy.
If you're on the fence, pull the trigger.
I'm often amazed at the super accurate renderings that she's able to create based on the little information that I sometimes give her.
She has a talent for capturing exactly the look that you're going for, and is so kind and accommodating, making sure to achieve your vision and within budget.
She truly overdelivers every time. It has been such a pleasure working with her over the last year, and we will definitely be going to her again if our house ever needs a refresh.


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