Welcome to the future of interior design!

If you want to work with a designer, you usually have 2 options: 

- the “old way”, aka full-service design, where the designer will take care of everything, from start to finish (conception, orders, installation…)
- and e-design

Both options have pros and cons:

- Luxury experience
- 100% personalized result
- Assistance from start to finish
- Everything is done for you

- Expensive
- You need to find a designer in your area (you can’t choose solely based on your style)
- You need to welcome someone in your home
- Lengthy timelines
- Lacks of flexibility
- Lacks of price transparency
- You need to contact the designer in order to receive a quote



- Flexibility
- Possible to work with a designer because of their style, and not their geographical location
- Often cheaper
- Often faster

- Lacks of personalization
- Not a luxury experience
- Low level of assistance and follow up
- No help for the installation
- Often impossible to make some changes to the selection

Well, that’s still a lot of cons, right?

All this, is exactly WHY I created Design by Anaïs.

To keep only the perks of full-service design, and e-design, and mix them in an innovative way of designing homes.

- A luxury 1:1 experience

My committments to you

Design by Anaïs reinvents home design with a luxury and personalized experience, for a fraction of the price of traditional interior design.

- A 100% personalized design

- Total transparency

- Short timelines

- Only charging you for what you actually need

- A fraction of the price of full-service design

- Assisting you from A to Z

- Working with you wherever you are

Check my services

- You want 100% price transparency
- You’d like a luxury experience for a fraction of the price
- You’d like to work with a designer because you love their work, rather than because they live close by
- You’re nervous about asking for a quote
- You don’t want to wait for months to receive your result
- You want to be accompanied every step of the way
- You want a beautiful home without breaking the bank.

Is that you?
Well don’t stop reading, because we are going to dive a bit deeper into my commitments to you, and how they concretely work.

it is for you if:

"Working with Anaïs was an absolute pleasure. She assisted me with a design for my living room and her work was phenomenal. She not only understood my style but was super patient with my lack of accurate measurements. I would recommended her services to anyone looking for design help over and over again. Her ears are probably constantly ringing from how often I’ve spoke about her and my design since she’s delivered it to me! Thank you Anaïs for being so fabulous!!"


What my clients say




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A 1:1 luxury experience

Where you only communicate via email with a designer who doesn’t really care about your project, because they have 10 more to do at the time.

This is a true luxury experience.

Every package includes (if you want them) 4 calls, at every step of the process:

- a 45-min discovery call where we go over the project, what your dreams for the space are, your style, your budget etc…
- a layout feedback call: when I send you the result of the layout step, we can hop on a call to debrief it, and make some adjustments together
- a selection feedback call: after I send you the result of the project, with your selection and renderings, you can book a call with me to go over everything I sent you, and ask for changes if there is anything that doesn’t work for you
- an installation call: once your selection starts to get delivered, if you have any questions about how to style it, you can book a call with me, and we’ll go over everything together!

In addition, as soon as you purchase your home design package, you will receive access to a personal dedicated board, including tons of info about the process, a timeline of the project, guides to get ready, a personal questionnaire, etc…

This is not your usual e-design package.

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A 100% personalized design

No 2 design results are similar.

Each selection is curated, and based on you, and you only!

Thanks to an in-depth discovery process happening before our start date, I get to know you, your space, your dreams and challenges, and your style.

During the discovery process:

- we will hop on a 1:1 call together, to talk about all this. I will ask you questions, and you will also have the ability to tell me everything you want about the project and the space
- before our start date, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. You’ll find it on your dedicated board, and it covers your tastes, your budget, your current room situation, and many more things!
- finally, I will ask you to share inspirations with me. Usually, we create a Pinterest board together (and don’t worry, I have a guide for you about creating the perfect board for a project!). But if you have saved photos on Instagram, screenshots of furniture stores, etc…, it works too!
As long as I have a good look at your aesthetic, to understand it, and recreate it during our project!

let's redesign your home together!

"Anaïs was amazing to work with. After completing a detailed survey of what my vision was for my living/dining space, inspo pictures and Pinterest boards, Anaïs worked her magic. I was able to provide Anaïs a copy of my floor plan and the appropriate measurements and she returned with a detailed documents which included a 3D rendering of my apartment with how it would look with the pieces she selected! It was truly unbelievable. I was able to quickly add items to my shopping cart from the links she provided now I will just sit and wait! Thank you so much Anaïs!!"


What my clients say

With Design by Anaïs, you won’t have any (bad) surprises!

My prices are everywhere on the website. So even before contacting me, you already know them: 950$ for a mini project, 1700$ for a one-function full-room package (like a bedroom), and 1900$ for a multi-function full-room package (like a living-dining room).

These prices are fixed, and won’t move depending on the project. You pay the fee when securing your spot, and that’s it!

Because I don’t charge by the hour, I will never get back to you during the project, asking you to pay more!

Because transparency is my commitment to you, I also refuse to take commissions on furniture and accessories I put in your shopping list.

The only reason why I select them is because they are the best option for you.
Never ever because I have an interest in selecting them!
Believe me, a lot of designer will do that without letting you know beforehand.

Total transparency

Short timelines

I don’t believe in waiting for months to get a result.
I would never wait that long for myself, so why would I ask you to do so?

Because we are doing everything remotely, I can spend my time actually designing for you.
Once we start, you receive your result in 7 to 10 business days.
It doesn’t get any better than that!

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Only charging you for what you actually need...

… and never for what you can do by yourself!

Some designers, in order to justify a higher fee, will tell you they absolutely need to see the space IRL, that they need to place the orders for you, etc…
But it’s not true!

None of this is actually necessary to deliver you the best possible result!
And I don’t believe in “fluffing” my offers just to charge more.
I believe in including everything that is necessary. But only what is necessary. No more, and no less.

This allows me to offer you the best possible price for my service. Because all the fee go towards design work, and not towards useless services that you don’t need from me!

taking measurements

I swear, measuring your space is easy!!

When you purchase a package, you receive access to your personalized board, that includes (among tons of other things!) a step-by-step guide to take measurements for a project.

It’s like having me with you to do it!

Plus, if you have any doubt, you can send me an empty floorplan (even hand-drawn) and I will map out directly on it what dimensions I need.

And on day 1 of every project, the first thing I always do is double-checking the floorplan you sent me. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if there is anything additional I need from you!

If I were to charge you to come and take measurements, including the trip back and forth, plus the time on site, that would be at least an additional 500$ for you.

Believe me, it will take you 20 minutes, and it will be free!

seeing the room irl

I absolutely don’t need to be in the room to work on it, and deliver a beautiful design!

If you send me a video of it (showing me every angle), and measurements, I have all I need!!

If a designer tells you they need to come to see the space, and charge you for it, don’t believe them, they are just trying to make more money!

placing orders

If I were to do it for you, it would take around 3-4 hours. That’s an additional 600$ fee, representing a third of your full-room package price, whereas this is something you can definitely do by yourself!

Plus, letting you handle purchases allows you more flexibility, as you can buy things at your own rhythm. I have some clients who prefer to delay a few pieces, for budget consideration.

That’s more flexibility for you, and at a lower price!


installing everything

If I were to come to your home and style everything for you, I would most likely need a day of work. And maybe 1 or 2 persons to help if there are furniture to mount.

That would DOUBLE the price of your full-room package!!

But you can actually do this all by yourself. Don’t you want to save almost 2k simply by styling your home yourself?

And do you know the best part? In order to make sure that the result will look absolutely perfect, all my packages include an Installation Kit.

The Installation Kit includes everything you will need to place and style your selection when it gets delivered, so it looks EXACTLY like it would have looked if I’d have handled it!!

- A map of the room: I take a view of the room from the top, and identify exactly where each piece of your selection goes.
- Installation guidelines: a super detailed guide with snapshots of each corner of the space, and ALL the info and dimensions you will need to style your selection (ex: the rug needs to be 2’3” from the wall, the shelf needs to be installed 4’ above the floor…)
- 3D renderings: photo-like renderings of the room that make is easy peasy to recreate IRL
- A video with tons of info: I record myself with your project open, and walk you through your space, explaining everything you have to do to install your selection
- An installation call: if despite all this you still have questions about styling your selection, each package includes a 1:1 call with me, where you can ask me anything about the installation step

Believe me, this Installation Kit will make it a piece of cake to install and style everything at home.

You won’t have to guess anything, everything will be explained and detailed.

It’s like having me with you for the styling step, but for 2000$ less!!

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"Anais made updating my space SO easy. With a new baby on board, I don’t have time (or brain capacity) to conceptualize and/or put together the look I am going for. Simply by sharing a few inspiration pictures, she was able to design my space exactly how I wanted. I love love loved how easy it was to work with her. Absolutely recommend!"


What my clients say

A fraction of the
price of full service design

Because we are working remotely, and despite the fact that I’m with you every step of the way, I can charge a fraction of the price of full-service designers!

I don’t have to travel multiple times to your home, or to showrooms.
I don’t have to spend hours installing everything for you.

I can focus all my hours on actually designing for you.

This allows me to offer way lower prices, for the exact same level of services!

Unlike a lot of e-designers who deliver a copied-and-pasted design, and let you deal with it, I accompany you EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY.

From building your Pinterest board to styling your selection, I am with you through every phase of the project:

Every package includes a 45-min call even before the start of our project, and guides to get ready. I’m also available via emails, texts or DMs for all the questions you could have about getting ready!

When I send you the result of the layout phase, I record a video explaining all the choices I made. This step also includes a call if you prefer to give feedback live rather than via email. And of course, this step also includes a round of changes, if you’d like to make some adjustments to the layout I created for you.

Once your selection is ready, I record a video with the software open, walking you through your new space, explaining everything. This phase also includes a debrief and feedback call where you can let me know how you feel about the result, and communicate any necessary feedback.

In addition, all my packages include one round of changes, to make sure you absolutely love everything in your selection!

Plus a 30-day “out-of-stock” policy where I will replace anything that would became out of stock in the month following the result date.

Once everything is finalized, I send you an in-depth Installation Kit, including a layout of the room, installation guidelines, 3D renderings and a dedicated video for you. 

Plus, each package includes the option to book a call with me if you have any questions about styling your selection!

phase 1: discovery

phase 2: layout

phase 3: selection

phase 4: installation

Assisting you,
from A to Z

Let's make your home beautiful!

Working with you, wherever you are

One of the biggest perks of e-design is that you can now pick your favorite designer to work with!

Not because they live close by, but because you actually love what they do.

Thanks to an in-depth discovery phase, and a solid process every step of the way, I don’t need to physically with you to deliver the best possible result!

I've worked successfully with clients in Hawaii, the Bahamas, California, France, Canada, etc…, and never met my clients or saw their homes IRL.

"Anaïs has been so amazing to work with!
She's designed three of the rooms in our house and they've all turned out fantastic.
She makes the entire design process SO easy.
If you're on the fence, pull the trigger.
I'm often amazed at the super accurate renderings that she's able to create based on the little information that I sometimes give her.
She has a talent for capturing exactly the look that you're going for, and is so kind and accommodating, making sure to achieve your vision and within budget.
She truly overdelivers every time. It has been such a pleasure working with her over the last year, and we will definitely be going to her again if our house ever needs a refresh."


What my clients say