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Even if I live in NYC, I spend a lot of time in California, a state I’m obsessed with.
My favorite part? The amazing natural light.

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read my story

the special light 

Every Californian home is immediately sublimated by this warm light like nowhere else.

One of the challenges to style your home in California will be to emphasize this beautiful natural light and invite it inside.

Whether it’s picking up the paint color, the materials, the orientation of your home if you are building it, or the color palette of your decor, all these decisions will be impacted by the very special Californian natural light.

The Golden State might be one of the most beautiful in the US, thanks to its amazing nature.
From the national parks to the Pacific coast, from the palm trees to the cactus, nature takes an essential place in California.

In our homes too, nature is invited inside.
Whether it’s by layering plants indoor, by using natural materials and colors or by making a beautiful outside view the focal point of your home, keeping nature in mind while styling your place is crucial when designing a Californian home.


If you follow me on social media, you may know that I’m totally obsessed with Californian style.
It’s actually one of my favorite decorative styles.

Its casual feeling, the neutral and warm colors, the natural materials and the influence of nature are all essential elements of the Californian style.

If you want to apply Californian style to your home, you need to layer natural materials (jute, wood, rattan, wool…), have a neutral basis (cool white walls) and add a splash of color, preferably natural ones (either warm browns and orange, or green).
And above all, keep it comfortable, inviting and casual.


What makes the richness of the Golden State is most definitely its diversity.

From the mountains to the sea, from the desert to the woods, from San Francisco to the Joshua Tree National Park, California brings together different people, different cultures and different landscapes.

That’s why California is one of my favorite places in the world.
And that’s why I absolutely love working on Californian homes.

Whether it’s a house in Palm Springs or a condo in Santa Monica, despite the different challenges faced while working on these projects, there is still a common thread: a chill vibe, a beautiful light, a proximity with nature and a desire to create a cozy and inviting home.

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But depending on where you live, you won’t face the same home decor challenges.

If you live in SF or LA, you may be renting and have a small surface for a pretty high price. Believe me, as a renter living between NYC and LA, I understand the challenge!

When you have a smaller apartment, you need to be very careful and very intentional about what you use inside your place.
First because too many items will make the space look even smaller (and who wants that?).
And second because the most minor mistakes will immediately impact the whole mood of your space.

That’s why hiring an interior designer when you live in a small space can be essential.

And as a renter, you also need for budget-friendly tips, without renovations, as you need to get your security deposit back.
That’s why you need a decorator that is used to working with renters, and knows how to transform your space without breaking the bank and losing your security deposit!

A variety of challenges

If you live in Palm Springs or Napa Valley, you might have more space in your home.
But it can also be a challenge!

When having a massive space, decorating it can be overwhelming.
You need to “fill” the space (a large empty space will definitely look weird) but not clutter it.

Thinking about the functions of the room (bedroom with a desk area, living room with a reading nook…) can help selecting the elements you’ll use inside the space.

Often, the help of an interior designer to really define the function of every room, and transform functionality in a beautiful interior is essential.

"Anaïs has been so amazing to work with!
She's designed three of the rooms in our house and they've all turned out fantastic.
She makes the entire design process SO easy.
If you're on the fence, pull the trigger.
I'm often amazed at the super accurate renderings that she's able to create based on the little information that I sometimes give her.
She has a talent for capturing exactly the look that you're going for, and is so kind and accommodating, making sure to achieve your vision and within budget.
She truly overdelivers every time. It has been such a pleasure working with her over the last year, and we will definitely be going to her again if our house ever needs a refresh."

MELISSA, california

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