An interior designer in SoHo

Being an interior designer in SoHo, New York, has been my lifelong dream.
I took some detours in my career, but here I am today, designing your SoHo home.

Facing the same challenges as every New Yorker, I created personalized home design packages for you.
When you choose Design by Anaïs, you receive personal decoration advice, adapted to your expectations, your style, your interior, your budget, and your design dreams.

SoHo, a special
place in my heart

SoHo has such a special space in my heart.

Of course it’s full of tourists, and super crowded during the weekends. Of course a lot of soulless flagship stores are there. 

But how beautiful are SoHo buildings? Those elegant facades with oversized windows? The iron staircases? The colors?

Every time I walk on Broome Street I’m in awe.

I think what makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world is the mix of modern constructions and old buildings with such a rich history. It adds so much depth to the neighborhood, it’s just perfect.

In terms of interior design, this is the place of industrial and vintage lofts mixed with more elevated Parisian-ish apartments.

In one word: the perfect balance between past and present, between oversized space and coziness, between simple and elevated.

That's why Soho is one of my favorite locations to style apartments!


3 things I love to do in SoHo

1- Walking and building-watching on Broome Street
2- Getting inspired by beautiful lofts on West Broadway
3- Finding creative gifts at the MoMA Store on Spring Street




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Have you ever worked with someone that took so much longer than you expected?

That's not what you can expect from Design by Anais!

I like to keep my timelines short, and strive for a quick turnaround time.

Why Design by Anaïs?




Because I live in NYC myself, I am the best interior designer for any New Yorker who wants to create a home you’ll love.

I understand your challenges: I’m myself a renter here, paying a high monthly fee for a little piece of the city. Which makes our interiors even more essential than anywhere else!

Thanks to a caring process, and an in-depth discovery phase, I will understand your needs and dreams about your home.

My goal: building a space you'll love!

Every design I create is unique, tailored to you, and you only!


I'm Anaïs, the founder of Design by Anaïs.
I created Design by Anaïs a few years ago to bring all-in-one, personalized and affordable packages to all of you.

Your home is your SANCTUARY, your safe space in the world.
That's how essential it is.
It was never about trends, and always about creating a home you'll love, that will support your well-being and mental health on a daily basis.

Through my upbringing in France, my travels on 4 continents, and my long walks in the City, I find inspiration to build the most amazing selections for you, and create a home you'll love!



Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer in SoHo?

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer in SoHo?

The prices will be totally different between full-service designers who comes to your house, create custom furniture for you, install everything themselves in your house… and e-designer who build a selection for you, but don’t actually come and install it in your home.

But let's talk about Design by Anaïs!
I have 2 different offers:

Home Design Magic
If you need a full-room design:
- Either you have a one-function space (like a bedroom or a dining room): it’s a 1700$ fee for the whole room
- Or you have a multi-function space (like a living area that also includes the dining room, or a bedroom that also serves as a WFH office): it’s a 1900$ for the whole room

If you don't need a full-room design, or your project is smaller (corner of a space only, accessories only, small rooms like a bathroom reno): the price is 950$ for the whole project

Custom package:
Usually we pick this option when Home Design Magic is not adapted (smaller project, trip included, important renovations…)
In that case, I create a package just for you. After asking you a few questions, I will give you an estimated pricing.

Can an interior designer save me money?

Can an interior designer save me money?

Of course!
Your home decorator will select items that you’ll love and that will fit your aesthetic. No more purchasing items and ending up changing them 2 months later
+ Your interior designer will select furniture and accessories that will actually fit in your home. No more purchasing pieces that, once get delivered, are way too big/small for the space
+ Your designer will create your house in 3D and will show you exactly how your interior will look, before placing any order. No more being disappointed IRL once you put everything together

See how much money you already saved?
And that, of course, doesn’t include the time you won’t have to spend on this project yourself by trusting a professional with your project!

Do interior designers choose furniture?

Do interior designers choose furniture?

If you need me to, absolutely!

When working on a full-room design, I select furniture, accessories (rugs, lighting, wall art, decorative items…) but also wall treatment (paint or wallpaper), and sometimes finishes (cabinets, floors…) depending on the project.

But we can also reuse the furniture you currently have. That’s always an option.
In that case, I focus on the accessories selection, to tie your interior together and create a beautiful vibe, without changing the furniture.

What are you paying for when you hire an interior designer?

What are you paying for when you hire an interior designer?

When working with an decorator, you obviously pay for the service they will deliver (generally building your selection of materials, furniture and accessories). 

But you also pay for a professional eye that will be able to create this amazing selection for you.

When working with Design by Anaïs in particular, you pay for my experience, the personalization of the project (I will always place YOU at the center of the process, and create something YOU will love) and the quick turnarounds (usually 10 days max).

My offers include full-room designs (from wall treatment to decorative items), layout consultation, paint color consultation, live coaching, accessories selection and tons of other options!

How much will it cost to upgrade my home?

How much will it cost to upgrade my home?

A lot of variables must be taken into account here.
Depending on the project, the price can be totally different!
For instance, if you are planning renovations, the price of materials and your contractor’s fee will impact the price.

My specialty is not renovations and works, so I’ll focus on the other part: furniture and accessories.
But here too, we have a lot of different options.

You can pick an affordable brand (like Target, Wayfair, IKEA…) and redo a whole bedroom for 3500$ (furniture + accessories).
But you can also pick a more high-end brand (Lulu & Georgia, Restoration Hardware, Jenni Kayne…) and redo the same room for 15k$.

I personally like to build a creative mix of pieces, picking more expensive items when it’s important (like a sofa, a bed, a dining table), and use more affordable brands for accent items (rugs, lighting, decor…).

That’s one of the perks of hiring a designer: we know how to make your budget work!
We know how to create the perfect mix of brands for your interiors to look perfect for you.
If you’re not sure if your budget works for your plan, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll let you know!

How does it work if we work together?

How does it work if we work together?

Whatever package you pick, if we work 1:1 together, the process will be very similar.

As soon as I receive your order, I will send you your personal board, where you’ll find a short video about the process, and all you need to get ready.
It is not an obligation, but we usually hop on a call before the start date, to chat about your design dreams.

Then, it’s time for me to work on your home!
I usually start by determining the best layout for your apartment or house.

Then it’s time to select furniture and accessories (rug, lighting, decor, pillows, wall art…) for you.
Once the selection is finalized, I create your deliverables:

- 3D renderings of the room
- A clickable shopping list with all the pieces of your selection (furniture + accessories)
- A detailed layout of the room so you’ll know exactly where everything goes once your selection gets delivered
- Installation and styling guidelines, so you’re not alone when it comes to styling every piece of your selection

And send you everything in 7-10 business days depending on the scope of work.

Can you work with clients who are not in NYC?

Can you work with clients who are not in NYC?

I don’t need you to be a local to work together.

My process was specifically designed to be done 100% remotely.
Actually, fun fact, even if I have a lot of clients in NYC, I only get to see 10% of my project in real life!
So being out of NYC is not a problem at all!
I did projects in California, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Georgia, Bahamas, Hawaii and many more!


What our clients say

"We were looking to add warmth & coziness to our living room. But we 2 young children, 2 cats and a puppy, we didn't know how to fit everything without a cluttered effect.
Anaïs assisted us with this project, even knowing that we couldn't change all our furniture given our budget.
But Anaïs did it perfectly.
She understood perfectly our expectations and thought about every little detail to transform our living room and add tons of light!
Thank you Anaïs!"