Schoolhouse is an amazing brand when it comes to styling your home with unique and thoughtful designs.
I love that they source beautiful items from all over the world. And that their selection is made to create unique objects you’ll keep for a while.

Their kitchen selection is particularly lovely.

Here are my 10 favorite kitchen accessories from Schoolhouse!

Textured Lowball Glass schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer

Textured Lowball Glass – 18.99$

This lowball glass is a curio cabinet’s dream thanks to its uniquely rich toffee hue and vintage-inspired styling. Nostalgic, beautifully crafted, and well-weighted, this is a heritage glassware item you’ll always be reaching for.

Ash Handbroom + Dustpan – 69.99$

A workhorse for any room, the Ash Handbroom + Dustpan is made in the USA using traditional techniques. A hand-beveled octagonal handle and natural oil finish make it easy to grab. Features a leather hanging loop and stainless-steel dustpan for easy storage.

Ash Handbroom + Dustpan schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer
Danish Oak + Leather Tray schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer

Danish Oak + Leather Tray – 118.99$

Equal parts reliable and refined, the Danish Oak + Leather Tray offers an inviting surface for both serving and display. Each piece is crafted from solid oak and finished with a vegetable-tanned leather loop on either side for ease of transport and storage. Made by Skagerak, a family-owned company dedicated to sustainable, long-lasting design in Denmark.

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Danish Paper Towel Holder – 74.99$

A simple, useful expression of classic Nordic design. The natural oak base, leather top loop and simple metal details work in unison to create a functional, beautiful paper towel holder to happily display on your counter. Made by Skagerak, a family-owned company dedicated to sustainable, long-lasting design in Denmark. Works well with both 7.25” demi and 11” standard paper towel rolls.

Danish Paper Towel Holder schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer
Recycled Stacking Glassware Set of 4 schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer

Recycled Stacking Glassware Set of 4 – 33.99$

Perfect for Sunday brunch or midweek mixers, the Recycled Stacking Glassware Set was designed to be a sleek and sustainable option for your everyday liquid needs. Made from 100% recycled soda bottles, each tumbler is handmade in small batches for a sturdy and beautiful finish. In short, these stackable glasses make it easy to save space in style.

Enamel + Wood Kettle – 134.99$

Worthy of everyday display, the clean lines and peaceful simplicity of this Japanese kettle bring beauty to both its form and function. Enamel coated steel provides efficient thermal heat conduction while the beech wood handle and maple knob lid elevate the design ever further.

Enamel + Wood Kettle schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer

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Hasami Plate - Matte Black schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer

Hasami Plate – Matte Black – 29.99$ each

Modular and minimalist, the Hasami Plate’s upright edges create clean lines that uphold a traditional Japanese aesthetic. Molded from porcelain and clay, the natural matte finish exudes an organic look and feel. Thoughtful sizing makes it easy to stack and store with other pieces. Made in Hasami, Japan.

Elevated Flatware, Matte gold – 68$

Impressively proportioned and well-crafted, this elegant stainless steel flatware set features an ultra-thin ceramic coating to protect against wear and abrasions while imparting a beautifully smooth and richly hued finish. Each place setting comes packaged in a linen box with fabric-lined interior and magnetic closure, perfect for gifting and storage. A Schoolhouse Exclusive.

Elevated Flatware matte gold schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer
Scallop Trim Napkin Set of 4 schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer

Scallop Trim Napkin Set of 4, Paprika – 29.99$

Liven up your table with this sweet and simple Scallop Trim Napkin Set. Made from a cotton linen blend for long lasting durability, these ricrac edged napkins add colorful character while infusing the home with a touch of nostalgia. Pair it with our Enamelware Collection for a bold tonal look or keep things classic by styling it with existing neutrals – the creative possibilities of this timeless textile are endless.

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Recycled Glass Carafe – 38$

An everyday essential, this classic glass carafe is perfect for holding your favorite juice, spritzers, or sweet tea. Thoughtfully sized to allow for easy handling, each carafe is made from 100% recycled bottles for a stunning and sustainable option that will never go out of style. When not in use, consider repurposing as a vase for fresh florals.

Recycled Glass Carafe schoolhouse brooklyn interior designer

10 kitchen accessories from Schoolhouse

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