Urban Outfitters is an unavoidable destination when you want to style your home and add character to your interior.
Their selection is really unique, and you don’t find their items on other brands’ websites.
I love using UO Home in my designs when I want to add a twist to my clients’ homes and add a touch of personality.

I’ve selected for you 10 table lamps that, while remaining pretty neutral in terms of colors, are the perfect way to style your interior with a unique personal touch!

Katy Ceramic Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer

Katy Ceramic Table Lamp – 189$

Bring a natural finish to your bedside lighting with this table lamp featuring a curving tapered base finished with a ridged, sedimentary rock texture we love. Complete with a woven white drum shade that adds a clean finish to your lighting.

Teardrop Glass Table Lamp – 149$

Infuse a classic silhouette with boho texture when you light up your space with this rattan-shade table lamp. Featuring a teardrop-shaped glass base, topped by a wavy strand rattan shade.

Teardrop Glass Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer
Mila Tile Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer

Mila Tile Table Lamp – 149$ (exists in green or rust)

Create a vintage light display with this table lamp featuring a tiled base topped with a woven drum shade. Tiles feature a painted retro motif we love. Compact fluorescent compatible.

Do you feel overwhelmed with picking the perfect item for your decor? Choosing the correct colors? Selecting the right accessories?

That’s totally normal! Choosing for ourselves is always so difficult.
That’s why I’m here. Let me help you make the decision and finally enjoy a perfectly decorated home.

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Angelo Rattan Table Lamp – 99$

Boho-cool table lamp with a round base made from stacked strands of rattan, topped by a round, angled-out woven shade that casts a glow through your space. Crafted from natural rattan, the shade of the lamp you receive may vary slightly from what’s pictured.

Angelo Rattan Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer
Tristan Ceramic Table Lamp brooklyn interior designer urban outfitters

Tristan Ceramic Table Lamp – 129$

Ceramic table lamp featuring a pillared base with indented shaping running around the edge, topped with a crisp woven drum shade.

Kuno Table Lamp – 159$ (exists in ivory and rust)

Bring dimension to your lighting with this modern table lamp. Features a layered ridged base with a woven drum shade for a minimalist finish.

Kuno Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer

Do you know what is the toughest part of designing?
Taking decisions. Because choosing this means not choosing that. And what if you make a mistake? What if you regret your choice?

That’s why I am here for you. As a professionally trained and experimented interior designer, I can make the right choice, for YOU.

So if you are ready to finally enjoy a beautiful home without a headache, contact me today, and let’s chat about your project.

Stella Rattan Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer

Stella Rattan Table Lamp – 159$

Infuse your space with coastal-meets-cottage flair with this boho table lamp. This table lamp features a dome-shaped base crafted from woven rattan that adds a natural warmth to your space. Topped with a tall, crisp woven drum shade for a chic finish.

Aubrey Table Lamp – 189$

Create a serene, coastal scene in your space with this table lamp. Features a round ceramic base with a natural rattan drum shade that offers a warm feel to your lighting essentials. Equipped with a 3-way rotary switch that allows you to easily adjust the brightness to fit your needs.

Aubrey Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer
Evie Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer

Evie Table Lamp – 169$

A sculptural look lends major texture to your space with this terracotta table lamp. Topped with a woven shade that illuminates your space with a boho-cool glow.

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Adelaide Marble Table Lamp – 329$

Infuse your space with a sense of effortless chic with this luxe marble table lamp. Fitted with a cylindrical marble base, it’s topped with a slim, gleaming metal neck and finished with a woven polyester shade set at a sharp angle that’s perfectly placed.

Adelaide Marble Table Lamp urban outfitters brooklyn interior designer

10 table lamps from Urban Outfitters

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