Of course, I’m not going to introduce you to West Elm. Who doesn’t know them??
But let me tell you why I love their selection!
Every time I enter a West Elm store, I’m amazed at how beautiful everything looks. It’s definitely more on the neutral side.
But I’m a neutral gal, so that works for me 🙃
And even by using mostly neutrals, they manage to make their selection interesting, with character. How? Thanks to textures of course!
That’s the secret when creating a neutral interior FYI.
But, I know what you’re going to say: “whenever I check their websites, everything is delayed”.
I know I know…
That’s why I selected 5 beautiful and versatile table lamps, fitting most aesthetics, that are immediately available (like next week!!).
FYI, I wrote this post on July 4th (yep, always working #chefkiss), so don’t judge me if you read this in November and something is out of stock 🤷‍♀️

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louis table lamp green west elm brooklyn interior designer

Louis table lamp, 13″, Green – $159

This small table lamp is the perfect cute accent for a bedroom.
Its pleated shade immediately adds an elevated feeling to the room.
Use it on a nightstand, a desk, or a sideboard in a nursery to add a feminine touch.
Exists in green and pink depending on the vibe you’d like to create.

Amelia Woven Table Lamp (25″) – $249

The perfect addition to a living area or a nursery!
The wicker finish adds a unique touch to this table lamp, and makes it a focal point in itself.
Use it in a neutral decor to add texture and interest to your room.
Place it on a sideboard or a dresser and enjoy!

Amelia Woven Table Lamp (25") west elm brooklyn interior designer

Do you feel overwhelmed with picking the perfect item for your decor? Choosing the correct colors? Selecting the right accessories?

That’s totally normal! Choosing for ourselves is always so difficult.
That’s why I’m here. Let me help you make the decision and finally enjoy a perfectly decorated home.

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Fiona Table Lamp (24") west elm brooklyn interior designer

Fiona Table Lamp (24″) – $179

I always love using texture rather than colors to add interest to a space.
This lamp is the perfect one to do so!
Use it in a neutral interior and enjoy its interesting texture.
I would personally use it in a master bedroom or nursery because of its soft finish that will pair perfectly with the calm and peaceful vibe you want to create in the space

Metalized Glass USB Table Lamp (20″), Celadon green – $159

I’m a big fan of using green in your home. It’s what I call a “neutral-ish” color. Using green allows you to add color easily in your space without overwhelming it like you could do with stronger colors (red, purple…). The glass and gold finishes add the perfect elegant touch for an elevated living area or dining room!

Metalized Glass USB Table Lamp (20") west elm brooklyn interior designer
Culver Wood Table Lamp (20"–24") west elm brooklyn interior designer

Culver Wood Table Lamp (20″) – $159.20 (on sale)

This table lamp is simple yet unique thanks to its shape. The wood finish makes it elegant and earthy.
The perfect versatile lamp that could work in pretty much any style (think wabi-sabi, Scandinavian, Japandi, midcentury modern…).
I would personally make sure it doesn’t sit on a light wood piece of furniture to create contrast. If you have a black nightstand or sideboard, go for it!

Do you know what is the toughest part of designing?
Taking decisions. Because choosing this means not choosing that. And what if you make a mistake? What if you regret your choice?

That’s why I am here for you. As a professionally trained and experimented interior designer, I can make the right choice, for YOU.

So if you are ready to finally enjoy a beautiful home without a headache, contact me today, and let’s chat about your project.

5 in-stock table lamps from West Elm

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