While chatting with my friends and my clients, I learned that so many people have the wrong idea about interior design.

It’s time to debunk those myths together!

affordable interior design brooklyn interior designer
Dining room design by CB2

Interior design requires time

Not necessarily! You will have to dedicate some time, in the beginning, to let the designer know what you like/dislike, what you are hoping to achieve in the space, etc…
But a lot of designers have a questionnaire that you can fill + upload inspo pictures (or a link to your Pinterest board)
It should take less than 30 min to do so!

Designing my home will be super expensive

Same, not necessarily! Of course, you can spend thousands and thousands of $$$ on your designer and your decoration.
But not asking for help is also a real financial risk. Having to change every few months because you’re not happy with what you did will make you spend a lot of $$$ for nothing.
And designers are used to working with your budget. Of course, if it’s totally unrealistic, we will tell you.
But there are a lot of affordable and nice brands these days (Target, Wayfair, H&M Home…)

affordable interior design brooklyn interior designer
Dining room design by Soho Home

The designer needs to come to my apartment/house

Of course, we don’t need to, thank you e-design 🤍 I do 90% of my jobs without ever seeing the space. If you know how to take measurements (nothing too complicated, a drawing is way enough) and a video of the room, we’re good to go. So don’t worry, no need to necessarily find a designer that lives close by. You can (and should) pick your designer according to a lot of other criteria (like his/her style, communication, the budget, etc…)

Your space needs to be empty to be decorated

Absolutely not! Working with your furniture and accessories is 100% normal! Our job as interior designers is precisely to create a beautiful decoration with your stuff and new items to purchase. We can always start from scratch, but it’s never an obligation. And if something really doesn’t fit the vibe you want to create, don’t worry, we’ll tell you 🙃

affordable interior design brooklyn interior designer
Dining room design by Anthropologie

Designing requires renovations

My favorite myth to debunk! I absolutely love creating perfect interiors for you without the slightest renovation!
You can totally change the mood of a room with only furniture and accessories.
Of course, sometimes it’s necessary. But in 90% of the cases, you have a neutral basis (like white-ish walls), and it’s way enough to decorate it and create the perfect home for you

I hope this article is helpful and will reassure you about the whole process of interior design.

If you are ready to chat with me about how we can make your home beautiful, contact me today!

5 interior design myths that are 100% wrong

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