You might think having a massive room is a great advantage.

But having a big space is not always a blessing. You can feel overwhelmed by the square feet, not knowing how to fill them.⁠ And sometimes, huge spaces can feel cold, and not cozy at all.

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I gathered for you 5 easy tips to apply to stage and decorate your large bedroom, without forgetting to add warmth and a cozy vibe to it.

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1 – Go big!

You are lucky to have a massive space, take advantage of it!

Having a massive bedroom allows you to be creative and invest in bigger items, enjoy!

Your bedroom is large enough to install a king-size bed, so go for it!

You need to fill the space, so don’t be afraid of investing in a king-size bed, a huge console…

Let me give you a little tip to go big without investing too much in custom-made furniture.
For instance, it’s important to have a large cabinet or console, to fill the space. But investing in a massive one can be super expensive.
My personal trick is to buy two (or more if you really have a MASSIVE bedroom) identical cabinets and install them side to side.
It will give you the illusion of a larger cabinet, custom-made, but for a retail price!

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2- Think useful

Don’t fill your room just to fill it. That’s very sad, and you will never have a finished and cozy effect.

Instead, think about every uses you will have of your bedroom: dressing room, make-up room, reading area, office etc…

Then, add furniture and accessories according to these different uses.

If you use your bedroom as an office, add a desk. If you use your bedroom as a reading area, add an armchair with a side table etc…

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3- Create dedicated corners

Once you have listed all the uses of your massive bedroom, let’s create dedicated corners for each of them.

Don’t forget to really emphasize each of these corners to really make it stand out from the rest of the room.

If you are creating an office area, don’t just install a desk and a chair. Add a desk lamp, and wall art above the desk. Or even a strip of wallpaper to frame the area.

Same, if you are creating a reading space, don’t install just an armchair. If you can, install two armchairs. Add a side table, a dedicated lighting fixture (a table lamp on the side table is a great idea), a wall art above the armchair.

Check my 10 favorite beautiful and affordable table lamps to style your bedroom here!

4- Use rugs

Rugs will define these different spaces in your massive bedroom, and prevent furniture from feeling like they are floating in the space.

At least install one rug, under your bed. Choose an area rug, large enough for your bed (your rug should be visible on both sides of the bed, and at the feet too).

If you have enough space in your bedroom, use smaller rugs to define the other areas you just created.

One under your desk, one under the armchair of your reading corner, one next to your wardrobe etc…

Be careful not to overwhelm the space. You need to still be able to see the floor in your room. The rugs will have for effect to frame each corner of your room. So if the rugs are too close or, even worse, are touching each other, you will lose this framing and defining effect.

Try to find different rugs, but with a common ground. Having totally different colors, styles, materials will overwhelm your space.

Stay consistent in your choices.

Are you looking for an affordable area rug? Check my top 10 here!

Desk plants computer office bedroom

5- Go all-in on accessories

You are lucky to have a massive space, take advantage of it!

Most people need to limit the number of accessories in their bedroom to avoid a too cluttered effect. But you don’t!

And accessories are the perfect way to fill out your space and to add character and warmth to your bedroom.

Be creative with your accessories, and, same as furniture, don’t be afraid to go big!
A huge gallery wall to fill your massive blank wall, a bookcase filled with decorative objects, a massive plant, etc…

Be playful, you have room for it!

I hope you like these tips. Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions or DM on Instagram (@designbyanais).

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5 tips to decorate a large bedroom, and add warmth and coziness

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