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When styling your living room, you think about your sofa, your coffee table, or your area rug.

But do you know accent chairs can totally transform your space?

Accent chairs, as you can guess given their name, are here to bring interest and character to your living room, and be an accent to your decor.⁠

So don’t skip this part!

But do you feel lost when choosing your accent chairs to style your living room?

Apply these two principles, and you’ll be sure to have a perfectly decorated living room!

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Be playful in your choice

When choosing your sofa, I always advise going neutral and timeless. ⁠

But it’s totally different with your accent chairs! You can be playful, show your personality and enjoy something unique.

It’s time to be original! ⁠Show your unique personality with an original accent chair!

Break your living room decor’s pattern with a funky and accent color you would never be able to choose for your sofa for instance.⁠

Or choose a unique shape that will immediately drive all attention, and be the focal point of your living room.⁠

The accent chairs should immediately drive attention. Think about an accent color, an original material, or a unique shape.

Woven Marija Rag Rug Accent Chair from Anthropologie – Purchase it here

But consistent with the vibe of your living room

But be careful, being playful doesn’t mean you can totally forget about the overall vibe of your room!⁠

Balance in your space is one of the most crucial elements of a well-decorated space.

Keep in mind the global mood of the space when choosing your accent chairs.

If you have a neutral living room decoration, you can pretty much do anything.⁠

But let’s say you have a blue and yellow color scheme in your home. In that case, it’s better to avoid the pink accent chairs!⁠

Same for the decorative style.
If you chose to create a coastal vibe in your home, a purple velvet chair will just feel awkward.⁠

Even when creating an accent in your room, you need to keep the overall balance of the space in mind!

If you want to know more about how to style your living room, don’t forget to download your FREE living room decoration checklist here.

Accent chair of the Flachet project - Design by Anaïs
Accent chair of the Flachet project – Design by Anaïs

Choose the perfect accent chairs to style your living room

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