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I wrote an article last week on how to choose the perfect sofa. Click here to learn my best tips and tricks for this crucial question.
Have you read it and decided that you want a sectional sofa?
I’m here for you to help you choose and install your future sectional in your home!

First of all, you may wonder what exactly is the meaning of a sectional sofa. 

Sectional sofa vs regular sofa

A sectional, in opposition to a classic sofa, has an angle. It can be L-shaped or U-shaped.

The main advantage is that you can sit more people on it (it often allows four persons to sit comfortably) than a traditional sofa. It is also more comfortable as you can easily lay on it, rest your legs, etc., thanks to the angled shape.

The downside, on the other side, is its size. It can be challenging to make it fit in a small space. A sectional sofa in a small living room can easily give an awkward feeling.

As I explain in this article, the size of your couch should be proportionate to the size of your room.
Adding an oversized sectional couch to a small space is definitely not a great idea!

But that doesn’t mean you are limited to a regular couch if you have a small living room.
A sectional sofa in an apartment can be a pretty choice.
To create a beautiful design in your space, choose a smaller sectional, L-shaped (don’t go for a U-shaped sofa in your small apartment!) and neutral colors.
Using neutral colors (a grey, beige, white, blush, or navy sectional) will make it appear smaller than if you chose a patterned sofa or a color-block one.

Once you have chosen your sectional, you need to place everything around in a beautiful way.

Sectional sofa and rug

The rug should be larger than the sofa. Please don’t choose a smaller rug; that’s one of the biggest mistakes to make in your living room!

The size of the rug needs to exceed the length and width of your sofa, and the two front legs of your sectional should sit on the carpet.
The correct placement of your rug will emphasize your sectional sofa and beautifully define the space.

Do and Don't on the rug placement with your sectional

Sectional sofa and coffee table

You should also adapt the size of the coffee table to the sectional.

Okay, that sounds super basic. But a small round coffee table when you have an extra-large sectional sofa will look awkward and prevent you from achieving a lovely design in your space.

If you have a huge sectional, choose an oversized coffee table. Any shape should work. But keep in mind the coffee table should fit in the space created by the angle of the sofa. Do not place it at the end of the chaise. You should have convenient access to the table while sitting on the couch.

A coffee table too small regarding the sectional

A coffee table too small compared to the sectional will look awkward

A coffee table perfectly sized and installed in the angle created by the shape of the sofa will be super pretty!

A perfectly sized coffee table

If you have a smaller sectional, go for a smaller table. Again, any shape should fit, as long as you apply the rule detailed above: the table should fit in the space created by the angle of the sofa. 

Anyway, whatever size is your sofa, its height shouldn’t exceed the height of the coffee table.
For instance, if you have a 19 inches sofa, don’t choose a coffee table lower than these 19 inches.

Sectional sofa and end tables

Adding end tables to your sectional could be a great idea. It can create balance in your room and add functionality. 

Indeed, if you are sitting on a deep seat sectional sofa, you may not want to get up each time you want to grab your glass of wine on the coffee table. Having a side table installed at the end of the sofa could help with this tragic issue! 

Choose a side table higher than the seat height of your couch. You shouldn’t have to go lower to grab something on the table.

A beautiful sectional sofa

How to choose the best sectional for your needs?

Okay, now that we have answered many questions on how to install your sectional in your living room, let’s see how to choose the best sectional for your needs.

The final choice on your future sectional may depend on a lot of factors :

  • Budget: a sectional is a real investment (and you don’t want to go for a cheap one, as it will define the design of your living room, and you will spend hours on it!), but you can find a good one starting at 750-800$. But you can also quickly spend more than 5000$ on this item. So define clearly what budget you are comfortable to invest.
  • Layout: depending on your space, you may need a specific design for your couch. If you specifically need a left-facing or a right-facing sectional, you can be limited in your choices. But don’t be worried, now many options are customizable, so you should be able to choose the orientation of your couch.
  • Fabric: do you have kids? Or animals? In that case, you may need to choose a performance fabric or a washable one. 
  • Color: same question. Maybe this lovely cream sofa is not such a great idea if you have children or animals, except if it’s machine washable.

All these factors will depend on your home, life, and what you expect from your couch. 

A beautiful sectional sofa from Rove Concept
A beautiful sectional from Rove concept. Click here to purchase it.

Where to find the best sectionals?

Once you have determined what is important for you, it’s time to know where to find them.

Here is a list of my personal favorite suppliers, where you will find sectionals for every budget and criterias:

If you need more personal advice, feel free to check my services here.

Choose and install your sectional sofa

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