You may have heard speaking about coffee table books. You may even have already seen some.

But you are wondering how to integrate them into your interior? How to install them on your coffee table? How to choose them?

I’m here for you! Let me introduce you to this beautiful and useful decorative element, and help you choose and style it in your living room.

Coffee table books

What is a coffee table book?

You may have heard this term already but are still not sure about what it really means.

A coffee table book is generally a large book with a beautiful cover, containing a majority of large images and little text, intended to be displayed on the coffee table in the living room.

Keep in mind that your coffee table is not a place to store your books. You don’t want to cramp the table!
On the contrary, you will need to choose the books precisely to be displayed.

It’s time to learn how to choose them.

Living room coffee table books

How to choose a coffee table book?

You can find hundreds of coffee table books, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to make a selection.

First, you have to be sure the book will fit in your home decor. For instance, if you have a monochromatic design, you must be very careful with the book’s colors.

Then, you need to address the size of the coffee table book. You should adapt the size to the place you will install the book. If you have a 2 feet wide coffee table, don’t choose a book smaller than 10 inches, except if you install it with other books.

Having an oversized book can be a decor statement. But be careful not to overwhelm the table.

You also need to decide if you want to use one book or various ones.

There are no right or wrong answers here as soon as the overall result is consistent.

Again, if you have a large coffee table, maybe only one book will appear awkward, and you should pile 2 or 3 to add volume to the area.

But you use only one if it’s oversized and nicely filling the space.

So again, no absolute rule, as soon as the result is harmonious and balanced with the rest of the table’s decoration.

Coffee table books

Once you have decided about the design of your coffee table books, it’s time to choose the theme.

Some people will tell you not to care about the subject addressed by the book. I strongly disagree. As for every item in my decoration, I like them to be meaningful and connected to who I am or what I believe in.

I like my coffee table books to reflect something about me, my story, or my passions. My current selection of coffee table books is two books about interior design.

I like to change it often, depending on my mood, the season, my coffee table of the moment, etc.

And don’t forget that these books are intended to be displayed. They will often start a conversation with your guests, and I’m sure you don’t want to talk about things you have no interest in.

Now that you have found the perfect coffee table book(s), it’s time to style it/them.

Coffee table books

How to style a coffee table book?

The coffee tables books are now an essential part of home design.

Even if their name clearly implies installing these books on a coffee table, you are not limited to it. You can use these books on a side table, in a bookcase, on your nightstand, etc.

The main idea is that these coffee table books are made to be displayed.

If you choose to install your book on your coffee table, you have different ways to install it.

Don’t forget that your coffee table is not storage! It’s one of the most important decorative elements of your living room. Don’t overwhelm it! And don’t make the mistake of placing random books on it just to store them somewhere!

If you have an oval or rectangular table, divide it into three zones, and install one book or a pile of 2 or 3 on one of these zones. Do not install two books side to side.

Dedicate the two other zones to decoration: a tray, a decorative box, a candle, a plant, etc.

Try also to add a vertical dimension to the table to avoid having a too flat feeling. A plant can achieve it perfectly.

If you have a square or round table, divide it into four zones. You can install books in one or two of these zones. Again, use the other ones to decorate, and add verticality.

Coffee table books

If you have a coffee table with different levels, you can be creative with the lower level and pack more books there. While choosing these books, keep in mind that you will only display the book’s edge and not its cover.

Whatever shape your coffee table has, never pile more than three books to avoid overwhelming the space.

I hope you found this article helpful, and you are now an expert on coffee table books!

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How to choose and style your coffee table books?

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