Studio apartments are often a challenge to decorate. Having every function in the same room can be messy.
Often, the result is an accumulation of items that don’t interact together.

And the result is just not a beautiful and decorated apartment.

I gathered a few tips for you to apply when you decorate your studio apartment. Having a poor space is not an excuse!

Follow these rules carefully, and you will be amazed by the end result!

Sofa studio apartment living room kitchen

First step: select the perfect decorative style for your studio apartment

Before starting to purchase anything, plan your future design. 

Choose a style that reflects your personality, your character, and what you like.

But you have to keep in mind that you have a small apartment, where everything is in the same room.

So whatever vibe you choose, avoid styles that will need accumulating items, such as maximalism, bohemian style, baroque design, etc.

Instead, lean towards a more decluttered style such as modern, Scandinavian style, industrial design, minimalism, zen, japandi, wabi-sabi.

You absolutely NEED to have a decluttered apartment, whatever vibe you are creating.

Sofa convertible media unit studio apartment living room

Second step: Define the different areas of your studio apartment

Defining the different areas of your studio is also crucial and will help you add a feeling of space to the apartment.

Here are 3 tips to help you with this process:

Use a room divider:

Use a room divider to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the room if you can, to add intimacy and character to the space, and to clearly define the different spaces.

Use rugs:

Rugs are your best friends as they will delimitate the space, and ground your furniture.

Use one under the sofa and the coffee table to separate the living space from the rest of the apartment, for instance.
If you have a large studio, you can use more rugs, one under each area (sleeping area, dining area, office area…).

Click here to check my 10 favorite beautiful and affordable area rugs from Rugs USA.

Apply wallpaper:

Applying wallpaper will have the same effect as the rug and will define the area.
Install it on the wall behind the sofa, or against the dining table, or your desk to create the feeling of having different spaces while staying in your studio.

If you are renting, go for a peel&stick wallpaper.

But be careful! Don’t choose something too overwhelming (a huge pattern or too bold colors). Your studio needs to remain airy and spacious, and this will be achieved by neutral decor, that won’t overwhelm the space.

Dining room studio apartment dining table pendant lamp

Third step: Choose the appropriate furniture and accessories

Don’t make the mistake of choosing huge furniture. 
Choose a couch, a dining table, bookcases, etc., proportionate to the size of the apartment. 

Having too big elements is the worst mistake you could make!
Check my article about how your choice of furniture can make your space appear bigger (or smaller) here.

But don’t go too small either as the room will feel awkward. 

Use furniture that won’t feel heavy in the space, such as a sofa or armchairs with legs, to limit the floor space taken by the furniture.

You can also use transparent materials that will feel super light in the space (the Ghost dining chairs, or the Peekaboo acrylic coffee table from CB2, for instance).

To make the space appear bigger, light is your best friend.

If you have a wide window, emphasize it as much as you can. Don’t block it with heavy curtains.
If you need to add light, use mirrors, and light colors. A large white rug on a darker floor could be a great idea.

Have as much storage as you can to avoid clutter.
With your small space, a tidy apartment is your best friend!

And also, don’t forget to add style and character.

You don’t want your studio to feel like a student apartment (except if you are!).

So choose curated elements, art, elegant materials, and shapes (a velvet sofa, a beautiful sculpture, brass, and marble touches).

I hope you liked these practical tips.

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact me today so we can discuss your project!

How to decorate your studio apartment like an expert?

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