How to make your small room appear bigger

Do you live in a small apartment and would love to have more space?

Do you struggle with giving an airy feeling to your tiny home?

Do you know that you can add those desired square feet to your home without doing renovations?

In this article, I will reveal the best tips to push your walls and give this small room a totally different feeling just by working on the general vibe of the space.


When it comes to adding space to your room, the main mantra is to keep it simple.

Minimalism is your best friend in this quest.

Avoid clutter, complicated patterns, and overwhelming colors.

Decluttered entryway


A cluttered room is the best way to make the space feel smaller and cramped. Avoid clutter, mess, accumulation of items and accessories.

Try to maximize storage and only display the essential elements of your decoration. Not every surface of the room needs an accessory.

Why not leave this console top empty? It will immediately add a feeling of tidiness and amplitude.

A little tip for maintaining a tidy space is to be intentional about every element in the room.

If you’re a little like me, you have crushes on accessories and decorative elements every time you enter a lovely shop. And it can be challenging to prevent yourself from buying all these beautiful items.

But if you have a small space, you NEED to be strict with yourself. If one thing comes in, another one needs to leave.

Otherwise, you will find yourself with this cramped feeling within only a few weeks!

Trust me, nothing gives an airier feeling than a tidy and decluttered space.

White hallway


Busy and complicated patterns can easily overwhelm a space and make it feel narrower. If you can avoid patterns, it’s a great solution. Large plain walls will appear larger than a patterned one. Same for furniture and accessories.

And if you absolutely want to use a pattern, go for the simplest options, like stripes.

Don’t use many contrasts as they will ‘break’ the space and make the room appear smaller.

Use textures instead of patterns to add interest and character.

Spacious design


Dark colors absorb light and, therefore, immediately make the room feel smaller.

Use light colors to emphasize the negative space and the light.

Dining room white


Natural light is your best friend to add square feet to your room.

If you are lucky enough to have great natural light, use it and emphasize it.

Don’t block the light and the view with curtains, for instance. Or don’t install a lot of accessories on the window sill.

Let the light flow!

And if you don’t have enough natural light, don’t worry.

You can still create an airy feeling in your space.

Cheat a little and use artificial light. Don’t leave dark corners in your room, it would make it feel way smaller!

Don’t be shy about adding light fixtures to your space.

Spacious kitchen


Making your eye travel throughout the space will give you a sense of amplitude.

To achieve this effect, use lines in your interior, mainly vertical and horizontal lines.

Play with:

  • your furniture (a long sofa with clean lines)
  • wallpaper (vertical stripes from floor to ceiling)
  • the light fixtures (a chandelier hung pretty low with a long electric cable climbing to the ceiling)
  • the decorative accessories (drapes hung way higher than the top of the window to bring your eye upward).

And be careful: clutter will also make your eye travel throughout the space, but in the wrong way, and that won’t achieve the desired effect of a larger area.

Do you want to learn all my best tips to totally transform your interior and make this small space appear way bigger without pushing the walls? Download your free guide here!

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How working on the general vibe of your room can make it appear bigger?

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