Did you check my articles on how to choose your sofa and how to choose and install your sectional sofa?
Did you choose a sectional sofa and are now wondering which one to choose?
I’m here for you! Let me share with you my top 15 favorite sectional sofas.


The Strato 4-piece boucle sectional sofa is one of my favorite sectional. I love the softness and character of the boucle, its timeless design, and its depth. Soooo comfortable!

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Mineta Right Facing Sectional Sofa

The Mineta sectional sofa by Poly & Bark is such a lovely choice.
A great price (1500$) for a great choice!
This sofa will be a great option for a smaller living room.

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Porter sectional - Rove Concept

The Porter Sectional from Rove Concept is a statement sectional and will be a perfect choice for a massive open space.
With its clean lines and its timeless design, it will blend perfectly in any decorative style.
Starting at 3000$, it remains a great option for such a huge sofa!

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Monahan 2-Piece Right Arm Chaise Sectional

The Monahan sectional from Crate & Barrel is one of the most comfortable sofa you can find. Choosing the navy color will add depth to your living room, and create a focal point on this beautiful piece.

With its shape, it could fit a smaller living room, but also a bigger open plan. Such a versatile element!

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Asher Corner sectional sofa - Interior Define

The Asher sectional from Interior Define is another great option. Its gold velvet will add so much character and personality to the room!
Use this sofa as a statement item.
But despite its bold color, it remains versatile and could blend in any decorative style, from boho chic to glamour design.
It remains a massive couch, so don’t choose it for a small apartment.

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The most comfortable sofa I ever sat on!
It was like sinking in a cloud. I wish my apartment were big enough to welcome this beautiful piece.
Its clean lines and neutral colors make it a very easy-to-use sofa.
Be sure to have enough space as it remains a massive couch.

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Chamberlin Recycled Leather Sectional Sofa

One of the most affordable options of this top (1099$).
I’m not usually a big fan of leather as a vegetarian 🙂 But this Chamberlin sectional by Urban Outfitters has the great advantage to be made with recycled leather.
I love this idea!
This neutral shade of leather and the very simple design of this couch make it another very versatile element.
It should fit either a smaller living room, either a larger one.

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Todd Extended Sectional Chaise Sofa

The Todd sectional sofa by Castlery is another perfect option for a massive living room, at a great price (2500$).
It remains neutral, and will blend in any color scheme or decorative style you’d choose for your home.

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Sedona sectional

The Sedona sectional by Kasala studio is a perfect choice if you are looking for an affordable massive sofa (2200$).
The design of its low lines is so modern, and I can easily figure it in a perfectly designed open plan with a modern kitchen and a beautiful dining area.

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Denna Sectional

The Denna sectional by Joybird is a lovely boho option.
Choose it in a neutral color like this cream tone, and install it in every living room to add character and style.
It’s not a massive sectional, so it should fit in the smaller living rooms (okay, maybe not in mine, but I still love New York :))

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Pacific 2-Piece Chaise Sectional with Wood Legs

The Pacific sofa from Crate&Barrel is a neutral yet stylish option.
The detail of the wooden legs immediately adds personality to this sofa. It will fit particularly well in a coastal interior.

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SÖDERHAMN Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Finnsta turquoise $809.00

Without a doubt the most affordable option of this top 15 (809$).
Finding a nice sectional under 1000$ is super difficult, but the Söderhamn sofa by Ikea is a great option.
I like this blue velvet that will be a beautiful statement in your living room, again for a stunning price!

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Owen Sofa Sectional

The Owen sectional sofa by Castlery is a more traditional option. Yet, with its simple design, it could perfectly fit a modern living room by adding a touch of softness.

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Noah Sectional

The Noah sectional sofa by Rove Concepts will make a bold and beautiful statement in your room.
Don’t choose this option if you have a smaller living room. But if you are lucky to have a massive space, or an open plan, go for it!
And be playful with the color, like this lovely blue velvet!

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The Abisko sectional by Article is a perfect choice for every interior.
Not too massive, it should fit nearly every living room. The price is also quite affordable (1699$).
And its neutral design will blend perfectly in any decorative style you would choose.

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I hope you liked this top 15 and it would help you choose the perfect sectional for your living room!

Do you need anymore help? Feel free to contact me at anais@designbyanais.com or to check my services here.

My top 15 favorite sectional sofas

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