Design by Anaïs aims to reinvent the process of redecorating your home. We want to make it easier, faster, and more affordable. The main goal of DBA is to offer everyone the possibility to change their interior decoration. Having a place to call home is a blessing. And feeling relaxed and comfortable in it even more. 

Enjoying your home decor should be a possibility for everyone. With DBA, we aim to make it possible.

You have the option to choose to redesign a space of your choice in your home for 250$, and you can add the possibility to receive two different suggestions for the same room for an extra 50$.

With this offer, you will receive everything you need to change your interior design :

  • A sample board with pictures of the items we will reuse in your space + those we will advise you to buy to complete your room decoration. This board will help you visualize the interactions between these elements and how they will work together …
  • A shopping list of the items (furniture & accessories) to buy to finalize your home decoration
  • 3D pictures of the room post styling to help you visualize the result

We will make choices for the design of your house or apartment based on the questionnaire you will have filled. This questionnaire should take you around 15 min to fill and will cover all the essential elements to create the interior design of your dreams :

  • your tastes (colors, decoration, etc.)
  • your opinion on the space to decorate (what you love or hate about this space)
  • your budget
  • your plans for this space (function, renovations, etc.)

Once you have filled out this questionnaire, our team will work on your project and deliver your renderings in 7 days.

Besides this standard offer covering many situations, we also elaborated a custom pack based on quotations for specific projects. 

And if you prefer to talk directly with the team, you can also choose the Live coaching pack.

We aim to adapt to every situation, every project, every expectation you could have. It is our philosophy to assist you in living in your dream home.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Our values and our way of working

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