Decluttered entryway

The entryway is the first and last room you see of your home when you come and leave.

It’s the first room you see when you get back home after a long day.

Do you want to come home after work and see a cluttered and unfinished space? I bet you don’t!

First tip – Keep your space as decluttered and tidy as possible

My first tip is to keep your space as decluttered and tidy as possible.

To achieve this effect, you need a plan! 

You need to plan every storage place for every item you will need to drop.
It’s not when you come back home that you have to find places to store your keys, your jacket, and your sneakers.

So think about what you need to store every day:

◽️ Add a coat rack to hang your bag and jackets

◽️ Install a basket for your scarves and gloves (yes, I live in NYC, I have to plan my winter storage 🙄 )

◽️ Use a cabinet to store your shoes

Also, don’t forget all the small items we have every day (keys, masks, Metrocard, sunglasses…).
Plan to have a bowl on your cabinet, or a drawer, to store them all.

If you have room in your home, think about adding a bench or an ottoman. It will change your life!

You’ll see, planning everything will make your entrance perfectly organized and super easy to use. It’s a game-changer!

Mirror entryway

Second tip – Add a mirror

My second tip is to add a mirror.

Having a mirror in the entryway is super useful. No need to go back to the bathroom or the bedroom before leaving when you want to check one last time if your outfit kills it!

And you know what? It’s not the only advantage of having a mirror in your entryway!
Mirrors always make the space feel way bigger. It’s one of the easiest tricks to use in your small spaces (download your free ultimate guide to make small spaces appear airier here!)

And entrances are often small rooms, sometimes just a corner. So use this mirror to add an airy feeling to this small space, and enjoy!

Entryway inspiration from Target and Studio McGee

Third tip – Go all-in on your entryway design!

My third and last tip is to go all-in on your entryway design!

It’s the first space you and your guests will see when entering your home. Give yourself and your friends a WOW effect as soon as you cross the door with a decor statement.

If you have room for it, a beautiful and spectacular chandelier is perfect. Besides being a real statement, it will add light to the room. Perfect right?

If you don’t have space for a chandelier, think about statement wall art. A huge picture hung right in front of the door can have a gorgeous effect and immediately set the mood of who you are / what you love.

Be careful when choosing your wall art. As your entryway is small, you don’t want to overwhelm the space. Choose the size of your art accordingly with the size of the space and the wall.

If you are not sure about the statement art, a super easy trick is to apply wallpaper on the opposite wall to the entrance door.

Choose a peel and stick one if you are renting your apartment.

You can go wild if you know how to choose it. And if you are not 100% sure, go for a simpler pattern, and neutral color.

But even keeping it simple, the wallpaper will immediately add a touch of character and personality to your entryway, and that’s exactly what we want.

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3 simple interior design tips to organize your entryway like a pro

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