Once you have chosen the DBA pack, what happens?

The questionnaire

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to a questionnaire.
It is the most crucial step for both of us. Thanks to this questionnaire, you will let me know a lot of stuff about your tastes, home, and project. And thanks to this information, I won’t even need to bother you later! I will have every element I need to work for you. Isn’t that great?

This questionnaire should take around 15 min to answer if everything is ready (the pics of your space and your floorplan).
But take all the time you need, don’t hurry up, as we will base your whole project on it.
Just so you have an idea of what kind of questions we ask, here are a few examples :

  • What do you currently like in the room to design? / And what do you dislike?
  • Do you want to make renovations or just decorate?
  • What is essential for you when you enter this space?
  • What are your favorite colors?
  • What are your favorite decorative styles?
  • Who lives in your home?
  • Etc.
An example of question from our questionnaire
A question from our questionnaire

And don’t worry, a lot of questions already come with suggestions you can choose between, so you won’t be lost 🙂

Once you have answered this questionnaire, I will receive an email with your answers.
First of all, I take a deep look at your answers, and I try to translate them into 3D for your project. At this time, I may contact you if I have any questions (like missing measurements in a floorplan, for instance).
This step is a crucial one because it will create the basis of your project. I try to think as you do, through your eyes, thanks to all the info I learned about you and your home.

After I’ve analyzed your answers, I send you an email to summarize the essential elements I’ve understood to recap your project’s priorities. Once I sent this email, I could start working right away on your project.
BUT, by experience, I discovered that sometimes people change their mind by thinking a bit more about it 🙂 So I let 24 hours after I send you this recap email before I start working on your project.

During these 24 hours, you can always email us or contact us on Instagram if you have second thoughts, forgot something, etc. This way, you have a lot of time to process your project and think about it.
After this 24 hours delay, I’m finally starting to work on your project. Yay!

A beautiful and bright entry

The floor plan

My first step is working on your floor plan.

I will start by drawing it in a 3D design software because it will allow me to shift quickly from 2D to 3D.
Once I’ve finished drawing it, I immediately shift to 3D, and it gives me a better idea of the volumes of your space.
At this moment, I will drag random furniture in the space to have a better look at what could work and what couldn’t.
For instance, if you are looking to redesign your living room, I will drag different shapes and sizes of sofa to check how they fit in the space.
If a sectional looks too big compared to the rest of the room, I already know I won’t bother looking for one, for example.

So I add random elements to your room to give me an idea of what I will be looking for to create your shopping list.
I never go directly to suppliers’ websites without a clear and precise idea of my list of objects.

For example, if I’m working on your kitchen or dining room, with this process, I will already know the shape and approximate size of your dining table.
So if I chose a round table, with a 31in diameter, this is what I’ll be looking for.
I will never go on the website looking for all the tables.
This process let me win a lot of time and offer you those budget-friendly offers 🙂

So let’s keep this example of the round table.
By looking at your questionnaire’s answers, and more precisely at your budget and your tastes, I will know which brands I need to look for.
I will then open a few tabs with their websites, and I will look only for their round tables, fitting my desired size.
I’ll repeat this process with every item.
Often, I will choose 2 or 3 « same » items (like 2 or 3 different round tables, for instance).
I prefer to do this because I can only make my final choice based on the interactions between the different elements of your interior decor.
Indeed, I can find a table that seems perfect for you, but when I mix it with the chairs, the pendant lamp, and the plates I chose, it doesn’t work.
It’s essential to mix all these elements to see if there is consistency and harmony between them.

A peaceful dining room

The sample board

This is the role of the sample board.

On this board, I will add the pictures of all the elements of your room decoration: the ones you already have and wish to keep (this is why it’s super important to add good pictures of them in the questionnaire), and the new ones I will advise you to buy.
By creating this visual mix, I make sure to create a beautiful and harmonious design for you.
During this step, I can make a few changes if I’m not satisfied with the result and the home decor’s consistency.

The shopping list

Once I’m 100% happy with the result, I create your shopping list.
This list will have all the information you need to buy the products on the board, even a direct link to the articles on the supplier’s websites.
And once everything is done, I place the elements of your interior decoration in your 3D room, so you have a guide to install everything.

At the end, you will receive three renderings :

  • The sample board to show you the visual interactions between every element of your home decoration (furniture and accessories, either to buy, either to reuse from your current space)
  • The shopping list with everything you need to buy
  • The 2D and 3D design of your room to guide you in the installation of everything

Once this work is done, I send you these renderings by email. You will receive them in 7 days after your order.

With these three renderings, you can now buy the missing elements and install everything in your home to enjoy the interior design of your dreams!

If you want to know a bit more about our philosophy, check this post!

And if you are ready to purchase our DBA Pack, click here!

A lovely desk

What happens when you buy the DBA Pack?

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