Sorry for being so brutally honest.

But we need to talk about this!

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Two weeks ago, I shared a poll on Instagram about what was blocking you from hiring an interior designer. And 100% of the answers were…. The price!

I know interior design can be scary.

You can see TV shows where people are renovating their homes for millions of dollars.

But that’s not reality!

You don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to renovate or to decorate your apartment or your home I can assure you that.

Of course, if you want, you can totally renovate your home for millions of dollars. But as for every product and service, there are so many different levels of prices. You can buy a car for 500k dollars, or for 5000$.

The same goes for interior design!

So don’t be blocked by these unrealistic TV shows. They exist to make you dream. But that’s not reality, and that’s not my daily work.

I don’t do this kind of renovation. That’s not my niche. I don’t work with millions of dollars renovations. Those are great projects, but it is not what I do.

What I want to do is help real people like me, and like you, I guess, that just want to enjoy their home at the end of the day.

That’s my goal today so I’m not looking for huge renovation and you shouldn’t be afraid of these crazy budgets and projects.

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You can start very low!

The clients I’m working with don’t have necessarily a massive budget and we’re making it work.

Of course, I’m not saying that with $200 you can renovate your home!

Of course, it remains an investment. But we can make this pretty affordable, and I’m pretty sure we can do it for less than you think!

My design fee

First of all, my fee is pretty affordable in the world of interior design.

I’m not saying this to brag

It is just because, as my niche is smaller projects with smaller budgets, of course, I’m not having a $10,000 fee!

So for one room, with no huge renovations, it’s $500. If your project needs more follow-up, or if you have important renovations, then it’s my hourly rate (100$ per hour) that will be applied.

That’s not nothing of course. But you can check the prices of all the other designers and you will see the difference, especially in New York City!

You can find some brands that will offer you to do your design for a super cheap price, around 200$.

Yes they exist and yes, that could totally be an option

But it’s crucial you understand that these are not the same work. For this kind of price, you will never have a personal interior designer working for you.

It’s different, it’s a design made online, copied and pasted from another designer, another project, and why not? Again, no one could live, pay the rent and eat while charging 200$ for a whole design. That’s why the trick is to save tons of time by offering you pretty much the same design as a former project.

But it’s okay! Sometimes the results are lovely. And you may be satisfied with it.

But again, it’s essential to differentiate both works.

If you want a real interior designer working for you, chatting with you, doing the project, and creating your personal interior, you can’t find a better price than the one I’m offering.

The shopping budget

But my fee is not the only budget that you will have to put into this process

Furniture and accessories can cost a lot!

But you can also find great options that are pretty affordable, like IKEA, Target, Wayfair, etc…

This kind of brand has awesome options and their prices are very reasonable.

Sometimes the trick can also be to work with some stuff you have already. There’s not always a need to change everything. Sometimes we can keep some furniture or accessories and restyle them.

The important thing to know is that you don’t need to have $30,000 to renovate your room.

To give you an idea, I worked on projects where we were starting from scratch, with nothing in the room.

We had to purchase everything and the budget was around $3000 – $5000 for a master bedroom or a living room.

That gives you an idea of what budget you can expect. And again, these were projects where we needed to buy absolutely everything.

Let’s say you want to decorate your living room and already have your sofa and your media unit, we would only need to purchase a rug, a coffee table, one or two accent chairs, and decorative accessories. That will lower the budget too!

So don’t be blocked by the price!

Ask me questions I’m not pushy at all, I won’t bite 🙂

I will never push you to purchase anything!

Contact me here or DM me on Instagram and tell me what your budget is. I’ll tell you if we can make it work!

Let’s talk soon!

You think interior design is expensive? You are wrong!

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