Renting your apartment can sometimes be scary when it comes to decorating it.

You need to be able to add your personal touch to the place without losing your security deposit. And sometimes, it’s complicated to do without help!

That’s why I gathered 5 decorative mistakes you should 100% avoid if you are renting your home.

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Thinking you can’t do anything

The first lesson is you shouldn’t be blocked by the fact that you are renting.

Of course, renting instead of owning will imply some adjustments as you can’t do exactly the same things.

But renting doesn’t mean you are stuck with your blank walls and your ugly floor for the time of your lease!

There are tons of things you can do in your rental to spruce it up and add your character to the space.

So don’t be afraid of the fact that you are renting, and decorate your space! Talk with your landlord, choose renter-friendly light renovations (changing the doorknobs, installing peel&stick wallpaper…), and enjoy your home as it was yours!

If you are not sure of what to do, DM me on Instagram or contact me here so I can help you.

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Purchasing custom-made furniture

Now, when I say that you definitely can decorate your rental, it doesn’t mean that you can do it without planning it, and thinking about the details.

If you’re renting, it’s likely you are going to move from your current home at some point.

Don’t forget it, and don’t go all-in on furniture you won’t be able to take with you when moving out.

Custom-made furniture, specially designed for your particular space may not be the best idea when you already know you will move at one point, and your very specific furniture might not be able to follow you into your new home.

The same goes for oversized furniture. If you are not sure that it will fit your next home, it’s not a great idea, except if you are staying at least 3 years in your current rental.

Rethink this oversized sectional sofa, or this comfy king-sized bed, especially if you live in a place where the apartments are small (hi there, fellow New Yorkers!).

Investing too much in furniture

Even without custom-made furniture, you’re never sure if your current furniture will fit in your future apartment.

And I’m not only talking about size. Maybe the style of your next apartment will be different, and this perfectly adapted industrial dining table won’t fit in your future home.

Now is not the time to spend tons of money on furniture you are not sure that you’ll take with you to your future home.

So don’t go all-in on expensive furniture, as you may have to change within a few months/years.

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Forgetting accessories

Feeling frustrated not being able to splurge on furniture?

I got you!

Accessories are the perfect way to personalize your rental!

Add plants, baskets, pillows, decorative objects…. to show your personality and your character to your home!

And the best part? Whereas you never know if your furniture will fit your next home, 99% of your accessories will! So go all-in!

Hanging heavy items to the walls

Decorating your walls when you are renting is a real challenge.

But not decorating them is a bad idea. You will never really feel at home if all your walls are blanks.

So how do we solve this problem?

Well, destroying your walls by hanging huge and heavy items may not be the best idea.

Avoid heavy frames or mirrors.

Prefer lightweight elements (baskets, light frames, tapestries…) to hang on your walls.

And be creative! Install a tape gallery wall, or display your frames and mirrors on the top of your cabinets, leaning against the walls, instead of hanging them.

If you want more details about this precise challenge, I wrote a whole article about decorating your walls when you are renting. Check it here!

Now that you learn what mistakes to avoid, it’s time to learn exactly what you can do to decorate your rental home.

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5 mistakes to avoid when decorating a rental

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