Wallpaper peel and stick entryway warm cozy
Style your rental wall – Picture from Pinterest

Renting is not an excuse to avoid decorating your home.

You will stay at least a year in your space, maybe even more.

What’s worse than not feeling at home for at least a year?

Even for a few months, there is no best feeling than coming home after a long day to a space where you feel safe, comfortable, and that you like.

Maybe you are wondering how to do that while you are renting.

Is it even possible to personalize my rental and still get my security deposit back?

Of course, it is, that’s why you’re here, right?

The walls are one of the trickiest parts when it comes to decorating your rental.

Often, leases prevent you from drilling in them or painting them.

My first advice is always to talk with your landlord. If you are actually improving the space, chances are he/she will be happy to let you do it!

Or they also could let you do whatever you want during the time you are renting the space, as soon as you paint everything white before leaving.

But let’s say your landlord is not okay with you changing the wall color or drilling.

Here are 5 tips you can easily apply to your rental to still decorate your walls to reflect your personality and your style, and get your security deposit back at the end of your lease!

Peel and stick wallpaper grey white console style your rental
Use peel and stick wallpaper to decorate your walls – Picture from Wayfair

Use peel and stick wallpaper

The first tip is an easy one.

Have you heard about peel and stick wallpaper? It’s my favorite rental decorating tip ever!

No need to worry about repainting all your walls before leaving and possibly losing a lot of money. Just put the wallpaper down (it’s super super easy to do), and you’re good to go!

More than the practical aspect, wallpaper is an awesome way to add your personal touch to your home without renovating or spending a lot of $$.

You will find all styles, all colors, all materials, all patterns, and all budgets!

Be playful and select a wallpaper that reflects your personality and your style.

But be careful if you have a small space. A too bold color can make the room feel smaller, which we definitely don’t want! A too complicated pattern will have the same effect.

In case of doubt when decorating your small space, don’t forget to download your FREE guide to maximize your space here.

Create a tape gallery wall

You know how a gallery wall can immediately add a WOW effect to a room and showcase your unique style and personality?

But you don’t want to drill 25 holes in the walls because, well you definitely need this security deposit check back!

Show how creative you are by crafting your own gallery wall!

Tape gallery wall creative pinterest
Pinterest picture of a tape gallery wall

Use tape and draw a frame with it around the pictures and art you want to expose.

You can stay neutral with only one color of tape, or create a black and white scheme by combining both colors. Or you can be more playful and choose flashy colors to show your creativity!

Did you know I’m an interior designer specializing in decorating rentals for small budgets? Contact me here, or send me a DM via Instagram so we can chat about your project!

Display your frames on furniture

You have frames that you’d love to display, but you don’t want to hang them and damage the walls?

No worries!

Use the surfaces in your room as a little museum.

Entryway console basket vases planter accessories books art
Picture of wall art leaning against the walls instead of hung – from Pinterest

Install your frames on top of cabinets, consoles, shelves, media units, etc…, leaning against the wall instead of hanging them.

And you know the best part? It will give an arty look to your collection!

urban outfitters media unit wall art table lamp vinyle
Wall art displayed on a media unit – Picture from Urban Outfitters home

If you are looking for complete and detailed tips about how to decorate your living room, don’t forget to download your free living room decoration checklist here!

Install your mirrors on the floor

Hanging mirrors is often worse than dealing with wall art, as they are usually way heavier.

The holes you would have to drill to hang a huge mirror might damage the walls.

But don’t be blocked by this little detail!

As for your wall art, you can display your mirrors by installing them directly on the floor, and leaning them against the wall instead of hanging them!

Pinterest picture floor mirror leaning rental
Floor mirror installed directly on the floor and not hung to the wall – Picture from Pinterest

Hang lightweight wall art to your walls

Finally, if you don’t want to create a tape gallery wall, or display your art on your furniture, the last option is to go for super lightweight wall art.

wall art gallery wall wooden frames rental
Gallery of lightweight frames – Picture from Pinterest

You can find pretty affordable frames options that you’ll be able to hang with only one nail. Therefore, it will be easy to fill it when leaving.

And also think of other decorative wall art, like baskets (check these from The Jungalow), tapestries, wall hangings etc… All these are options that you will be able to easily hang, and easily remove and repair before leaving.

Wall baskets gallery wall the jungalow boho vibes
Wall baskets – Picture by the Jungalow

With all these options, you don’t have any excuse now for living in a rental with blank walls!

Go for it, add your personal touch to your home, I promise there’s no better feeling than feeling at home!

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How to decorate your walls even if you are renting

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